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What You Didn't Know: Right-Drag
  • 12/16/2014
What You Didn

Many people use the right click button to access common functions in applications and web browsers.  Another trick is called "drag and drop" where you click with the left mouse button to move emails, move folders and even move text.  Did …

Author: Dave Kornegay
What You Didn

If there is one tech geek "ooooh" moment I enjoy seeing from clients is understanding the power and ability of having SchoolDude applications save your favorite searches and automatically sending a report to one or more people.  Often, teams …

Author: Dave Kornegay
What You Didn't Know: Red Labels
  • 11/26/2014
What You Didn

Ever notice that some labels for dropdown boxes in SchoolDude applications are red and some labels are black?  There's a reason: red ones are for adding a new choice, or for viewing the history, of that dropdown box's …

Author: Dave Kornegay
CrisisManager: Use QR Codes to Download the App and Plans for the App

In my  series on QR Codes , I decided to test this technology on  CrisisManager .  Educational organizations that are implementing our new app often want ideas on how to spread the word while keeping it easy for their …

Author: Dave Kornegay
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