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Why the Category "General Maintenance" is Too General

If there's one topic guaranteed to put me on a soapbox, it's this one: categorizing too much work as "General Maintenance" or "GM".  If you want true insight into what your staff does, if you are trying to prove what skills are needed for new …

Author: Dave Kornegay

That's a conundrum for sure, but there is a happy balance.  These are two topics I often see when I consult with clients about what they want to see in graphs and KPIs.  Let's take a quick peek at where someone can be too general vs. too …

Author: Dave Kornegay

In meeting with many educational operational professionals, I see trends of what people want to track: where did we go, what do we need to do, is it an emergency, is it waiting on something, who is doing it? The question I wish I hear more people say is …

Author: Dave Kornegay
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