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You've no doubt heard science teachers in your school lecturing students on the importance of saving power. For administrators, this is one lesson they'd do well to remember when it comes to energy conservation management .  Energy efficiency has …

Author: SchoolDude

According to 2012 EPA data, the median Energy Use Intensity (EUI is the calculation of a building’s kbtu/ft2 per year) of a K-12 school was 123. Are you ready for the challenge of maintaining a net zero school – one that produces the same amount of …

Author: Angela Cullen
KPI Dashboard Enhancement Release
  • 11/26/2013

We’re excited to announce the release of enhanced printing capabilities to your MySchoolDude KPI Dashboard!

You now have the option to export your KPI charts to jpg, pdf, or png format- making it easier than ever to incorporate your KPIs into reports and presentations.

Has anyone ever asked you to show how your Operations team compares to peers or provide a view of how your team is striving for continual improvement? Until recently, peer comparisons and benchmarks for operational data were difficult if not impossible for most educational institutions to come by. We’ve studied operational data within the Dude network for over a decade, and earlier this year we deployed a dashboard that is changing the landscape of benchmarking and best practices for educational operations

Author: Jed DeGroote

In early 2013, the Johnson Controls Institute (JCI) for Building Efficiency conducted its seventh annual Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI) study. The study analyzed energy efficient technologies, practices and investments made by over 3,000 executive decision-makers around the world — including many schools. It found that organizations with publicly stated energy conservation goals implemented 50% more energy management practices than organizations without goals. Most notably, JCI found that 70% of organizations with goals track and analyze their energy usage data at least monthly.......

Author: SchoolDude
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