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A Process to Help Future-Proof Your Facilities

Most maintenance teams spend a majority of their time putting out fires and responding to reactive work requests. This leaves little time to analyze historical facilities trends, and ultimately equates to higher costs and overwhelmed employees. To break …

Author: Julia Washburn
In Case You Missed It: FCA: What’s the Point?

Deferred maintenance is piling up. The roof has been patched, the boiler is running again (for now), but we know the day is inevitably going to come when things will start to break down. We just don’t know when or how to plan for it. Join Dude …

Author: Kate Donnelly
Don’t Miss! Bridging the Gap: Using Facility Data as a Teaching Tool

Did you know that 50% of facilities management personnel are expected to retire in the next 10 years*? As employees retire or move to different jobs, much of the wealth of facilities knowledge that these individuals hold will be lost. In an effort to …

Author: Julia Washburn
Watch Setting up for Success: Planning Ahead

Capital forecasting should influence how you strategize your preventive maintenance schedules. In turn, PMs should be a natural part of your team's workload. The results are longer-lasting facilities, fewer reactive work orders, and an increase in …

Author: Curtis Marshall
Webinar Setting up for Success: Reactive meets Preventive

The Q3 Dude Data Matters Index revealed some interesting facts about your workload when the school year begins. During the first weeks of school, reactive repair requests shoot up 65% from the summer months! To help you manage the influx of reactive work …

Author: Curtis Marshall
Webinar Setting up for Success: Unlocking Events (Updated)

If you're looking to get your school's event scheduling started in the right direction, join us for July's Setting up for Success Webinar on Facility Scheduling. Planning for after-hours events at your school isn't all that exciting. Double-checking …

Author: Curtis Marshall
Setting up for Success Webinar Schedule Updated

In an internet full of webinars and videos, here's the perfect training tool made just for you. On the last Thursday of every month, join us for the "Setting up for Success" webinar series. We'll take on the biggest challenges facing you, our clients, …

Author: Curtis Marshall
Success Series: An Introduction
  • 7/1/2015

“Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is usually more important than the outcome." - Arthur Ashe Even the most common clichés contain a hint of truth. I often get stuck thinking about success as the end goal, so it's good to be reminded …

Author: Curtis Marshall
Safe and Secure Schools: Disaster Preparedness Tips & Trends

For our Q2 Professional Development webinar next Wednesday, April 29th at 2pm, we're excited to have nationally acclaimed expert in school security, Paul Timm, present: Safe and Secure Schools: Disaster Preparedness Tips and Trends. Register today for …

Author: Jed DeGroote

Tapping mobile devices for emergency plans is becoming a growing trend in higher ed and SchoolDude’s Nick Mirisis recently had the opportunity to share why in the March issue of  Campus Safety . Highlighting Providence College’s approach to …

Author: SchoolDude
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