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Suggestions for Surveys to Send Service Requesters After Work is Completed?

We are preparing to begin surveying our requesters on work orders completed. Would anyone care to share their surveys with us? What frequency are you using? Do you have any suggestions for success?

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How Did You Implement the Requester Portal (MySchoolBuilding Page) for Customers?

How are you pushing out your request form to customers and providing training documentation? I'm interested in seeing solutions for work orders, IT requests, facility use, field trips, and inventory.

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What Apps Do You Recommend for Facility Departments to Go Paperless By Using an iPad?

Hi there! We are in the process of launching a department to go paperless on Maintenance Direct (Yay)! We decided to try out the iPad Minis for the technicians and supervisors. I currently have them all set as far as installing the SchoolDude app and …

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