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SPF Record and DNS Searches/IPV4 Entry

Our spf record for schooldude is an include and if i use mxtoolbox, this include causes 15 dns searches and causes an spf record check to report too many dns lookups. does schooldude have an ipv4 entry instead of using an include... ?? has anyone had to …

Author: Fred Zahn
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Can I Set Up Event Scheduling and Community Use Reports to Replace Daily Emails?

Managing The 'Dude was recently added to my job responsibilities, so I was not involved with the initial setup of our districts account. My custodial/HVAC crew is on the brink of a meltdown due to the number of daily emails they receive. Particularly my …

Author: Erin Crew
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What Should I Know If I Use Gmail to Send Emails from a Dude Solution?

Many School Districts have migrated to Google Education as their primary platform. With this move you may encounter some hiccups with FSDirect and some of the optional email notifications. The most common glitch occurs when you elect to use the “Email …

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How Do I Email Everyone in My List of Users by Role?

I want to share with all of those who have a role (sequesters, administrators, etc.) about new SchoolDude features (actually in this case the attachment feature for FS Direct). Without manually typing each name in the "To" field of an email, is there a …

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How Can I Enter Email Addresses for Students to Become Requesters from Another Data Source?

We use ITDirect at College of Lake County and share it with our Student Service Desk. They help students create what is called 'myLogin' that generates a username ane student email address for the student. I am trying to find a generic way to enter an …

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