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Can I Import Excel Files into Dude Solutions' Applications?

Is there a way to import an excel data base onto SchoolDude? It is a lot easier to modify a file in excel once exported from SchoolDude. Is there a way to import back the excel report once you have made revisions? Thanks Miguel

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How Do I Export a List of My Dude Solutions Account Users to Excel?

I noticed that some of the set up lists or report options don't allow for an excel option at the end of the specification page. For example, Account set-up, Users - gives me a list of Maintenance Direct Users, but the bottom does not give me an option to …

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How Can I Export to Excel if My Reports Has Over 5000 Rows?

Is there a way to export more than 5,000 records to Excel for analysis? I need to analyze my Work Orders for the entire year and there must be more than 5,000 since SchoolDude tells me my report exceeds that number. Thanks

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What is the Fastest Event Scheduling Report That Shows Where, When and Who for Events?

I am trying to get a report out of FS Direct that clearly shows the Event Time, Event Date, Schedule Title, Contact Name, Room (only one listed at a time per row) and Setup Requirement all in one Excel report. What would be the fastest and most efficient …

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Can I Run a Report of Work Order Status Changes for the Week?

Challenge! We would like to be able to run a weekly report that shows how many work orders have had a status change to Work in Progress during the last week, by employee. In the same report, we'd like to see how many work orders were completed during the …

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