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How Do I Create a Semi-Annual HVAC Preventive Maintenance Inspection?

How can I set up a semi annual HVAC inspection using PM?

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How Do I Turn Off Job Completion Notifications, But Still Get Work Order Emails?

How can I turn off closed work order notifications to keep them from emailing myself and other people, but still receive my work orders through e-mail? Thanks

Author: Tim Thomas
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Recommended Preventive Maintenance for Unit Ventilators?

Does anyone have documents showing how much time should be given to change a filter on a ground mounted unit ventilator and a ceiling mounted ventilator? I currently have 54 schools with 3 HVAC technicians, and want to justify more manpower.

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Experiences with an HVAC Outside Contractor - Low Bids vs Staying with a Top Technician?

Can anyone tell me about their experience with going for the lowest bid vs staying with a top technician the district has used for years. I'm concerned about losing him as a consultant if we just go for the lowest bid.

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Does Anyone have Policies About Gym HVAC Temperatures or Thermostat Settings?

Does any one have any written policies about gym HVAC temperatures of thermostat settings for summer use of for school use?

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