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How Can I See Supplier Contact Information from an Inventory Item Record?

Is there a way to look up contact information for a supplier from a part record? I went into a part record today, wanted to pull up a contact number to call and order while the part record was still up on my screen. Instead, I had to close the record, go …

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How Can I Manage One Supply Item Stored in Multiple Inventory Areas?

I have items that are the same but are in several different pools. When I look into the pool I see the item but the quantity is the same for both pools. It adds the two or three together and shows that quantity in each Pool. If I have zero in one pool …

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What Barcode Scanners or Mobile Apps Are You Using to Scan Inventory Items?

I'm curious as to what is working for everyone else? I am having issues with ICody and Browscan.

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Can I Limit Supply Quantities for Users When They Request Inventory from Us?

When I set a new person up that they can request from Inventory Direct. Can I put a personal limit on some of the supplies? Like if they request crayons and they already requested 10 boxes, it would send them an auto e-mail saying you have reached the …

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Do You Have Ideas on a Barcode System That Will Work with Inventory Management?

We need a barcode system that will work with Inventory Direct, it has to be simple and easy to use, any ideas? Thanks, we're a K - 12 public school system.

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Does Anyone Use the Inventory System from Dude Solutions to Track Furniture?

Anyone use inventory direct to track furniture? Would like some suggestions or input or advice. Thanks Jill Sokoll

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