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Did Something Change with Inventory Storage Pool Selections When Issuing Items?

Our two people who are in charge of issuing stockroom items noticed that something changed a couple of weeks ago. In the past when they were approving and issuing requests there was a default "Pool" that appeared automatically, which really sped up the …

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How Would You Track Greenhouse or Nursery Inventory?

My first thought is keep it simple and I would love others' feedback. Ultimately, the Dude's Inventory solution cares about a transaction history and what shifted a change. That change could be a: Received Transaction : new plant bulbs purchased, yet …

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How Do I Track Stock and Tools in a Van, Other Vehicle or Tool Room?

Good methods to consider. I’d go with Inventory because there seems to be a business need in addition to a documentation need, then I’ll explain where PMs have benefit. OPTION 1: THE INVENTORY SOLUTION Where do you keep things? With the Dude’s …

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Inventory Scanning System

Great question, Giannina. Let’s break down some options for you. If others have ideas, please comment below. iPads or Smartphones As long as it has a browser and connectivity to the internet, you are good to go. There are multiple ways to issue out …

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