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How Much Time Is Spent Entering Internal Labor and Tracking Contracted Work?

We would like to track our contracted costs but are concerned if we require our custodians to enter all contracted jobs as well as in-house maintenance into the program they will be spending too much time at their desks. What does your school do?

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Can You Filter Work Orders to Avoid Duplicate Requests?

Is there a way to filter work order requests to avoid duplicate requests. In other words, if we get a work order for a light out in a room, it is not uncommon to get a 2nd request for the same room a day or two later if the light was not changed yet. i …

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Estimating Work Orders Labor Hours When Scheduling Preventive Maintenance for Multiple Equipment

Hi, Is there anything being done about, the conflict between estimated hrs on schedules vs actual work orders? If you have multiple pieces of equipment on 1 schedule, when asked estimated hrs, you can put in the estimate for 1 piece of equipment or all. …

Author: Kyle Hall
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How Are You Scheduling Overtime for Managing Weekend Events?

How do other districts schedule Custodians and other support personnel for district events that are on the weekend? (I.e. Clean-up after a sporting event) Who schedules the Overtime? How is it communicated to the person required to work the OT? How is it …

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