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What Does an Approval Process Look like for Event Scheduling Requests?

As one of the Onboarding Client Supervisors in Client Services, I get asked this question a lot. Check out this document for an workflow diagram example of what the approval process can look like! The approval process can be based on the Location, …

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How Do You Manage Event Permitting with Outside Groups Such as Parks and Rec?

A huge thanks to Matthew Venturini (0350P) for providing an excellent example of a cooperative agreement that features many elements of a facility events and community use program many of his peers often ask about such as: how do I schedule or check availability …

Author: Brent Hair
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Any Suggestions for Processing Online Ticket Purchases for Events?

Our school is looking for an online system to process ticketing for school events. Does any one have any suggestions? Any pro's and con's for the various systems. Still waiting on a school dude product, ticketing direct. Thanks all for he help

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How Do I Verify the Non-Profit (501C) Status for Community Groups?

Original question posed by Joel Schut in an event discussion board: I've been told I need to start collecting documentation of group's non-profit statuses. So far I've received a copy of a"Letter of Determination" from the IRS. This seems to me to be …

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Is Anyone Scheduling Summer Conferences in Event Scheduling and Community Use from Dude Solutions?

A large university's housing department is looking to use event management from the Dude for their summer conferencing scheduling. They have about 200 conferences some of which encompass 100 rooms at a time. Do we have any existing Higher Ed clients …

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Do You Have an Internal Request Form for Someone at One School to Reserve a Space at Another School?

Does anyone use an internal request form? I am seeking a template of an internal request form when one school requests to use space at another school.

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Are You Using Work Orders to Process Print Shop Printing Orders?

We have our own Print shop for the school district. Does anyone use MaintenanceDirect to process print orders (If they have a print shop in their district)? We currently have a paper form users submit with their requests.

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