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How Did You Implement the Requester Portal (MySchoolBuilding Page) for Customers?

How are you pushing out your request form to customers and providing training documentation? I'm interested in seeing solutions for work orders, IT requests, facility use, field trips, and inventory.

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How Can I Make the Event Schedule Calendar Easier to Access for Requesters?

Many of you may have learned from your own experience that MySchoolBuilding page users can sometimes have a tough time accessing the FSDirect calendar. Did you know you can use a simple string of HTML code to put a link that says "Click here to View the …

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How Can I Prevent Event Scheduling Conflicts?

In our district, we are having an issue with double bookings in FS Direct. It seems that people can double book rooms, areas, etc. even though they get a warning that a conflict exists or to check double bookings. More often than not, the employees …

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How Do I Merge Duplicate Requester Accounts into a Single Account?

Some of our requesters have accidentally created multiple requester accounts, some of which contain outdated information. We would like to merge (or achieve a similar result) these accounts into one single account that contains all of the requests made …

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