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Is Anyone Using Barcode Scanners for Managing Their Inventory?

Is anyone using barcode scanners for managing Inventory? If so, how is it working for you.

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Any Experiences with Using a Socket Mobile Barcode Scanner?

I've been testing a Socket for standard barcodes and QR codes and liked it. My tests were with one of more expensive units that was anti-microbial, but you should be fine with regular Socket scanners. It was compatible with my iPad, but also works with …

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Why Are My Inventory Stock Counts Off?

I'm having a issue with Inventory. it is not keeping accurate count on the inventory. Once a week I will count what is on hand and it is not the same as on the inventory program. Does anyone have input on this?

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How Can I Track Rentals and Fees for the Use of Gas Cylinders in our Inventory?

I would like to track our gas cylinder rental. We rent gas cylinders for use in brazing AC copper pipe, cutting torches, welding, balloons, and beverage dispensers. The need is real since the cylinders come and go as they are used. We are charged a …

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Recommendations for Barcode Scanners for Managing Inventory or Stock in Dude Solutions?

I'd like to utilize barcode scanning for Inventory. I do not know where to start. I am new to the product and a one-person department.

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What Is Your Approach in Setting up Item Numbers for Inventory or Supply Management?

We are getting ready to start InventoryDirect. My plan is to set up item numbers with a simple coding system, using an abbreviation for the trade shop (EL for electric, PL for plumbing, etc.) followed by four non-significant digits. One of our managers …

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