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Do You Have Contractors Accessing Your Dude Account, and If So, to What Detail?

One of our SC clients has questions some of you either will have feedback or may have the same questions. This will focus on HVAC, but not necessarily limited to that as I have heard similar questions on elements such as elevators. If you have an HVAC …

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Can We Add a Survey After a Certain Number of Work Orders Are Reached?

Are we able to add a pop up survey question after every 10th work order?

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What Are Sample Questions or Ideas for Work Satisfaction Surveys?

Scenario from a client: We are thinking about sending out a Survey for our work orders. It looks like we use a third party survey tool. Is there one that the Dude recommends? Does theDude have a list of survey questions to help us get started?

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What Guidelines Do You Use for Setting the Priority of a Work Order?

I'm curious whether anyone has (and is willing to share) the guidelines they use to train users to REALISTICALLY identify the Priority of a Work Order.

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Can I have Staff without Smartphones Get Text Messages about Work Orders?

This is the perfect example of why we kept the pager and mobile phone capabilities. They may even be able to use MDWireless if they have very basic web access on some non-smartphones vs. a browser like Safari or Chrome. If a simple text message is …

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