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How Do I Make a Monthly Report of Closed Preventive Maintenance Work vs Other Work Orders?

I would like to make a monthly report of completed closed work orders verses completed closed PM work orders. How is KPI computed. I am looking for 40% but don't know how to get this info

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How Do I Organize Requests for Future Work Orders or IT Help Desk Tickets?

I have at times between 40-60 work orders at a given time. The issue is that over half of them are events that I have to set equipment up for and most of these are months out, up to 9 months out. I'd sure like to be able to put the events in another …

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How Can I Easily Tag or Group Work Orders for Batch Printing?

Right now I have to go into each work order individually and tag them for printing, a cumbersome and time consuming task, but I am convinced that there used to be an easier way. Can anyone share how it was done before and most importantly if it's still …

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Is It Possible to Postpone Work Orders Until a Certain Date?

is it possible to postpone work until a certain time (ie. summer work), some of my work orders are old because i will not do until school is out. it would be nice to have an area to view these items, and the requester could see this also.

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What Guidelines Do You Use for Setting the Priority of a Work Order?

I'm curious whether anyone has (and is willing to share) the guidelines they use to train users to REALISTICALLY identify the Priority of a Work Order.

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