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Andy Foster

Andy Foster added the idea Filter by Purpose in the WorkCenter App

Would like the ability to create a filter in the WorkCenter app that tracks the work order by purpose code (after hours, fire, safety, etc.) so a technician can refine their search from their mobile device. Andy

16 hours ago

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  • Dave KornegayAndy, thank you and this makes sense to me, especially to get to PMs only (or exclude them) or to see "open vandalism assigned to me". I've got this submitted to product management!15 hours ago
  • Andy Foster@Dave Kornegay Thanks Dave, I will be looking forward to seeing it in the WorkCenter app.Rolled the app out last week. getting a lot of great ...15 hours ago
Dave Kornegay

Dave Kornegayanswered the question Document Manager

In reviewing previous Answers , there has been an update relevant to this topic. Attachments (e.g., O&M Manuals) may be added to Equipment in the Dude's maintenance, preventive maintenance and capital forecasting applications. There may be m ...
Michael Glines also answered the question Michael Glines also answered the question

6 days ago

Deana Meyer

Deana Meyer added the idea Number of Vehicles Should Default to 1 for Trip Requests

TripDirect - When a requester does not specify the number of vehicles under the Transportation Type header, the system currently defaults to 0. Default number should be 1.

1 week ago

  • Dave KornegayExcellent idea, Deana. I did not see a method in the Account Setup or MySchoolBuilding Setup to establish a default, so I have submitted this to product management.1 week ago
Bobbi Antonucci

Bobbi Antonuccicreated the topic: Question - Is Planning part of your facilities department or a different department?

Here at HCS (K-12), Capital Planning for new schools, additions, decommissioning, etc is part of the Facilities department. I was wondering where that function reports in your organization? We struggle somewhat with knowing how a school is being used ...

1 week ago

Dave Kornegay

Dave Kornegayanswered the question Does a Supervisor I see all work orders or just work they create?

It depends on where they are. The Home page keeps them focused on their work and their employees' work (depending on who reports to them). Searches and reports can display all work. Related content : "Role Types" for MaintenanceDirect ...

1 week ago

Bobbi Antonucci
Capital Forecasting User Group

Bobbi Antonuccicreated the topic: Site Components! Yeah!!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I was thrilled to come back from Spring Break and see that y'all had left me a present. It couldn't have come at a better time. I need to update all the capital projects we completed in 2017 by May. Now I ca ...

1 week ago

Bobbi Antonucci

Bobbi Antonuccianswered the question How Do I Track Stock and Tools in a Van, Other Vehicle or Tool Room?

This is basically how HCS organizes truck inventories. We found by doing this that a truck can have anywhere from $500 to $12,000 worth of tools and materials, depending on the craft. We have had break-ins where the culprits stole items from the tr ...
Dave Kornegay also answered the question Dave Kornegay also answered the question

1 week ago

Dave Kornegay

Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry ​Upcoming Changes to the Dude Community and Content Updates

With the release of updates to the Dude Solutions website , one of our next major focuses will be the Dude Community. Our major initiatives over the upcoming months will include: The surface : look like the rest of the Dude Solutions website T ...

2 weeks ago

  • Matthew Venturini (0350P)Sounds Good! Looking forward to the coming changes. Let us know if there is anything we can do on our side (the community) to help out -- it takes a village, and I'm a firm believer that you get what you give. 1 week ago
Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith added the idea Have the User Account Permissions Customizable in MaintenanceDirect

I Manage two Work Centers where all online requests are edited and assigned. I manage over 5 Work Control employees on separate campus locations. I really would like to be able to limit each campus to only seeing those respective location's work ...

2 weeks ago

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  • Dave Kornegay@Rachel Sari Quite a few years, yet it's one of those features that usually only comes up when first rolling out because Supervisor II i ...1 week ago
  • Rachel SariWell... maybe. If I could customize email notifications based on *either* Craft or  Location it would be perfect. 1 week ago
  • Dave Kornegay@Rachel Sari Surprisingly, that's a new Idea as I didn't see others asking for customization by data points for real-time emails. If you ...6 days ago
Emilee Buquet

Emilee Buquetvoted on Increase characters within Event Description

Within the Event Description area it would be helpful to either increase the number of characters allowed or put a block of not allowing characters to be typed when the limit is reached. It is frustrating to be typing copy only to find out when you t ...

2 weeks ago

Dave Kornegay

Dave Kornegayasked the question: How Do I Track Stock and Tools in a Van, Other Vehicle or Tool Room?

From my mailbox from a Dude employee that others may find of interest: I had an account review with a school district and the main topic of discussion was around keeping track of the tools on trucks. In the discussion, I asked the following questio ...

2 weeks ago

Andy Foster

Andy Fostercreated the topic: SchoolDude Tab on Home Page Website

Hi Dave, At Dude U I attended your website class. I am meeting with my WebMater tomorrow, and wanted to see if you had some material I could take a look at before meeting with her. Thank you, Andy Foster Belton ISD

3 weeks ago

Dave Kornegay

Dave Kornegayanswered the question Inventory Scanning System

Great question, Giannina. Let’s break down some options for you. If others have ideas, please comment below. iPads or Smartphones As long as it has a browser and connectivity to the internet, you are good to go. There are multiple ways to issue ou ...

3 weeks ago

Giannina Nurena

Giannina Nurenaasked the question: Inventory Scanning System

Hello, I am looking into streamlining our process for our technicians and warehouse. At the moment, technicians come into the warehouse, write down the item number on a piece of paper of the items they take and at the end of the day, we manually in ...

3 weeks ago

Paul Poe

Paul Poe added the idea Assign To Function in MaintenanceDirect to Prevent Blank Category

Make the assigned_to function automatically default to the most recent assignee to keep the category from falling into a empty or blank field.

3 weeks ago

  • Dave KornegayThank you Paul. To be sure I correctly translate your scenario, take a look below and let me know if I miss something by adding a comment, particularly because routing and comptroller rules that could potentially be bypassed by defaulting to a previo ...3 weeks ago
Pete Sutton

Pete Sutton added the idea Add "Studio" as an Area Type

Many of our rooms are designated as various types of studios. There are specific ones already identified, but a generic one should help our Requesters identify the type of space needing attention

4 weeks ago

  • Dave KornegayPete, this has been received by our Product Management team. This should be low impact on other products leveraging this same drop-down box's category list and will not require an icon as Crafts would.4 weeks ago
Laurie Amagan

Laurie Amagancreated the topic: Tracking Refrigerant Usage

Happy Friday to all my wonderful Dudes and Dudettes! Hope to see you this weekend at Dude University in San Diego, CA. I am trying to help out a TN client who wants to track refrigerant usage for his HVAC units. Do you track it in MaintenanceDirect, ...

1 month ago

  • Matthew Venturini (0350P)We have had good success with tracking it in MaintenanceDirect. We have listed suppliers that lay out Fresh Charge, Recovery and Topping off a unit. Then we can track how much goes out and how much is lost thru running transaction reports based off o ...1 month ago
Kyle Sherman

Kyle Shermancreated the topic: API for Incident - Programming with ticket data

Hello, We are currently using web spiders to scrape ticket data so we can sort and display it on a Trello board. The mobile app doesn't quite fit our needs. Scraping the data tends to break when things get changed, and real-time updating with spi ...

1 month ago

Dave Kornegay

Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry Upcoming Changes to the Website and Community

Beginning in December, we will begin transitioning elements of the SchoolDude website into the larger picture of the Dude Solutions family. We will be simplifying some elements (e.g., find content easier through categories vs. groups) in addition to ...
SchoolDude also created the blog entry SchoolDude also created the blog entry

1 month ago

Dave Kornegay

Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry Dude Community Technical Updates

Beginning March 2nd until March 15th, the Dude Community will be read-only as we enter the next major phase of our website and user experience updates and working our magic behind the scenes. We are planning similar updates as recently released refre ...

1 month ago

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