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Certification Exams

Want to Become a Certified Dude?

The certification exam for the Dude Solutions Administrator is designed for those who know our solutions front to back. These exams are not mandatory, but a way for you to show you’re at the top of your game when it comes to our solutions.

We currently offer certification exams on the following solutions:

  • MaintenanceEssentials Pro (MaintenanceDirect/PMDirect)
  • MaintenanceEdge (Work Order/PM)
  • EventEssentials Pro (FS Direct)
  • Asset Essentials for Education
  • Asset Essentials for Government
  • Asset Essentials for Manufacturing
  • TheWorxHub for Healthcare
  • TheWorxHub for Senior Living

We highly recommend a combination of on-the-job experience and self-study to maximize your chances of passing the exam. A Dude Learn subscription is also highly beneficial for those taking MaintenanceEssentials Pro, Maintenance Edge or EventEssentials Pro exams.

Below, you’ll find study guides catered to each of our certification exams:

As another method of preparation as we approach Dude University, we will also be hosting certification prep workshops that will provide more first-hand help. More information on these will be coming soon.

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