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Why Attend


Sessions, roundtable discussions, hands-on training and collaboration with peers, industry leaders and Dude staff will challenge, inspire and equip you to make a positive difference in your organization. And no fear, you don't have to be a Dude client to find value in this event – we encourage anyone responsible for managing or maintaining facilities or operations to attend. You can tailor your experience based on your role, responsibilities and challenges.

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend

  1. Networking with over 1,000 like-minded operations, maintenance, safety, IT and energy professionals from all over the country
  2. Chance to learn unique perspectives from industry experts and thought leaders
  3. Sessions by insightful speakers sharing tangible examples of best practices that you can apply to your organization
  4. Access to case studies and success stories that will help create and justify your own strategies
  5. An expo hall with service providers you can connect with to discuss ways to work more efficiently and effectively
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