Surveys & Inspections for Healthcare

Environment of Care rounding streamlined & simplified

At its core, a healthcare facility is driven by the care it administers to its patients. And those who manage the operations within that facility understand just how important their job is to achieving that goal. Priorities such as fire safety management, infection control, and proper hazardous material storage require regular monitoring and documentation to remain compliant. This has historically been done in an inefficient manner that makes it difficult to communicate follow-up responsibilities and track resolution of deficiencies.

Using TheWorxHub by Dude Solutions, Environment of Care rounding can be accomplished efficiently and recorded in real-time on a mobile device. Automation of work orders and deficiency notifications ensure that proper follow-up is scheduled and communicated to those responsible for correcting deficiencies. Dashboards allow tracking deficiencies and their resolution, and reporting gives you actionable data on deficiency trends for use by the Environment of Care Committee.

With TheWorxHub Surveys & Inspection solution, it’s easy to get a snapshot at any moment of your patient satisfaction, compliance readiness and other key data that enables you to:

  • Leverage pre-built survey tools that others in healthcare have used successfully, or customize them according to your specific requirements
  • Build your quality standards into inspection templates to regularly check and record the quality of service delivery by any operations department or individual
  • Identify needs for process improvements, training or performance management and track progress against it
  • Link work orders directly to surveys to immediately and accurately respond to maintenance needs and deficiency notifications using a mobile device

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