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Energy Management
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Smarter Energy Management Starts Here

Reduce spending and carbon emissions at the same time? It's a win-win with the right energy software.

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Reduce Costs with the Right Data

Energy  it's one of the largest line items in your budget, yet one of the hardest to get under control. A common culprit of wasted energy is lack of information. Some issues are easy to spot, others can hide out for years. But what you don't know is costing you. How much could your organization save with the right tools in place? Introducing Dude Solutions' Energy Management platform, a full suite of products and services designed for every step of your energy journey that gives you the insight you need to take control of your consumption.


  • Pay attention to your utility bills instead of just paying them
  • Get all of your utility bills into one database for better insight
  • Track usage and gain understanding of your utility ecosystem


  • Have confidence in the integrity of your energy data
  • Share the full story with stakeholders and identify outliers
  • Move to action instead of questioning the numbers


  • See near real-time usage data instead of looking at hindsight
  • Identify waste before it shows up rather than on your bill's recap
  • Benchmark buildings and historical baselines

Measurable Insights

Gain clarity into your energy usage. Track your progress in near real time and measure the impact of your energy consumption.

Smarter Spending

Get an understanding of your current and historic utility spending. Uncover costly billing errors and identify areas to save.

Leadership Buy-In

Achieve buy-in from leadership for capital investing and get your entire team involved in conservation with better communication.

Enhanced Conservation

Discover realistic ways to improve sustainability. Monitor carbon emissions and compare your energy consumption with similar facilities.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"My role switched from reactive data entry to proactive energy planning. We have more time to focus on things that will have a lasting impact on the district and improve energy consumption."

- Jose Vega, Building Automation Technician

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