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Work & Asset Management
for Education

Get Out of the
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Healthy and safe schools inspire healthy and safe students. Start by optimizing the place your students spend half their time — your facilities.

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Work & Asset

Better Maintenance, Better Learning Environments

It's a fact that environment plays a huge role in the ability to learn and perform for students of all ages. Our students deserve the best, and the best isn't humid classrooms, poor lighting or bad air quality. Proper facility maintenance is an unsung hero in the education industry, and with Asset Essentials™, we're here to help operations leaders do their best work.


  • Utilize smart, automated software you can always rely on
  • Capture full picture of your facility operations in one database
  • Track and analyze all work, assets and equipment


  • See issues before they arise so you can create action plans sooner
  • Make data-driven decisions to save your school time and money
  • Create action plans to achieve your goals and own your operations


  • Get the full data story of your operations in just a few clicks
  • Share reports quickly and easily to gain buy-in from leadership
  • Be part of a community of education leaders; share and learn best practices

Increased Productivity

Inefficiency is the downfall of operational success. With a streamlined maintenance management solution, you're working smarter instead of harder to get the job done.

Mobile Capabilities

No more paper work orders or spreadsheet data entry. Have access to work orders in the field and track work performed from mobile devices to save time.

Streamlined Operations

Allow users to submit work orders from anywhere. Automatically route and prioritize work order requests in real time by project, location and budget.

Business Intelligence

Fully unlock your facility data with powerful business intelligence (BI) reporting directly from the Dude platform and generate KPIs into presentation format in minutes.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"It’s the one tool we use that enables us to drive productivity, efficiency and really have a grasp on the maintenance work. It really helps link some of my goals, objectives and metrics in a meaningful way that I can report on."

- Ruth Haynam, Senior Director of Maintenance and Operations

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