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More Efficient Workflow for Better Service

With budget being a major challenge, IT teams are put in a difficult place: deliver superior service with fewer resources. We work with IT departments trying to do more with less for their community every day. As the leading asset management software provider for local and state government, Dude Solutions offers easy-to-use cloud-based software that brings automation, data-driven insights and scalability to institutions with limited resources.

Dude Solutions’ Help Desk™ and Insight™ products empower IT teams to do the best work of their lives, helping them own their operations as they navigate growth and manage costs.


  • Deliver a seamless requester experience and dramatically reduce time to resolution
  • Automate manual activities for timely and improved outcomes, with lower costs
  • Benefit from a unified help desk platform that associates tickets with your asset inventory


  • Gain transparency into your operations, make better decisions, and build a case to secure funding and resources
  • Communicate effectively with accurate reporting, prove your value and help your organization thrive
  • Create a data-driven culture for more accurate forecasting and budgeting; use data to show value and gain organizational buy-in


  • Tap into a community of thousands of clients, full-fledged client support and 97% client satisfaction rating
  • Integrate with other software in your ecosystem for a more complete solution and greater return on your investment
  • Grow your investment with adjacent solutions in the Dude Solutions portfolio, including capital planning, energy conservation and event management

Product Features

Do More with Less
  • Identify and create an inventory of all IP-addressable devices on your network with an automated agentless scan. Tie assets to tickets for more efficient and effective service.
  • Generate configurable reports for key stakeholders to improve communication and empower IT to be a data-driven leader within the organization.
  • Empower IT teams to offer a self-service option for common questions and issues. Maximize customer satisfaction and reduce reactive workload.
  • Improve your budgeting with detailed work history and pinpoint what creates the best return on investment.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have found the system helpful in managing our daily workload. Now we can see a list of work assignments and prioritize it. It’s helped us understand how much work we’re getting done.”
- Mayor Daniel Rizzo, City of Revere, MA

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