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Work & AsseT Management
for Government

Streamlined Maintenance for State and Local Governments

Say goodbye to maintenance backlogs and guesswork. Say hello to predictive planning and simplified operations.

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Work & Asset

Better Your Operations to Better Your Community

Our cloud-based, computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) is designed to help both large and small governments do more with less — and what government doesn’t want that? With our Asset Essentials™, you can unify your team, gain visibility into your work and simplify your maintenance operations.


  • Manage your work orders, assets and maintenance activity in one place
  • Tackle daily demands with mobile CMMS tools built for today's work
  • Drive adoption among requesters and technicians


  • Connect your work to your assets, and know where to find everything
  • Automate maintenance alerts and respond with speed
  • Prioritize work with confidence using insights from your data


  • See your upcoming workload and prescribe maintenance
  • Compare your progress with industry benchmarks and KPIs
  • Be strategic by making smarter, more data-driven decisions

Streamlined Maintenance

Document all work and get out of that reactive rut. Gain the visibility to work smarter, not harder, and move toward preventive and predictive maintenance.

Asset Control

Keep eyes on every asset you're in charge of. Create detailed asset histories and use data to correct any asset issue before it becomes costly and time-consuming.

Mobile Workforce

When you work in government, your work often takes you out in the community. Never miss a beat with access to your operations from any device in the field.

Data Insight

Our Work & Asset solution is built with the help of the Dude community. Tap into over 15 years of operational best practices and customer intelligence.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have a better idea of what work is being done, by who and when. Having the numbers gives me an edge when presenting my budget for review. I've seen other departments getting their budget cut or staying the same, while my budget has increased."
- Nathan Nagle, Parks & Recreation Director

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