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Work & Asset Management for Government

Efficient Operations and Asset Management for Local and State Governments

How can your jurisdiction use maintenance operations as a lever to maximize efficiencies, demonstrate effective stewardship of your resources, and drive better business outcomes for your community? It comes down to the right software from the right partner.

With Asset Essentials™, maintenance teams are able to streamline their workflow, manage their assets and make more data-driven decisions that benefit their citizens and their community. As a leading computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) among US public sector institutions, Asset Essentials is the reliable centralized dashboard that can provide your team more purpose, more control and more insight — all at your fingertips.


  • Manage work requests, assets and maintenance activity in one cloud-based system of record
  • Minimize dependence on paper, manual processes and legacy systems, and automate your day-to-day workflow
  • Reduce barriers to technology adoption with a user-friendly, configurable, mobile-enabled solution


  • Gain transparency into your operations, make better decisions, and build a case to secure the funding and resources you need
  • Benchmark yourself against other institutions by tapping into the largest operations data warehouse in the industry and adjust your programs for greater efficiencies
  • Create a data-driven culture for more accurate forecasting and budgeting; use data to show value and gain organizational buy-in


  • Maximize efficiencies and productivity by doing more from within a single application, including maintenance for facilities, public works and other departments, and asset and inventory management
  • Integrate with other software in your ecosystem for a more complete solution and greater return on your investment
  • Grow your investment with adjacent solutions in the Dude portfolio, including capital planning, energy conservation and community development

Product Features

Better Your Operations to Better Your Community
  • Manage work orders and assets, parts and requisition, maintenance activity, and more, all from within a single web-based dashboard. Simplify and automate your workflow for maximum efficiency.
  • Associate work orders with facilities and assets to enable preventive maintenance and to gain insight for smarter capital expenditure and forecasting decisions. Start the journey to predictive maintenance.
  • Empower your technicians to track maintenance activity on their mobile device. Manage all work and assets for all of your properties with location mapping and GIS data.
  • Access reports for greater visibility into your operations. Track performance and make adjustments. Easily communicate your value and needs to management.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have a better idea of what work is being done, by who and when. Having the numbers gives me an edge when presenting my budget for review. I've seen other departments getting their budget cut or staying the same, while my budget has increased."
- Nathan Nagle, Parks & Recreation Director

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