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Energy Management for
Clubs & Associations

Raise Your Energy IQ

Create unprecedented clarity into your utility bills and uncover areas to enhance your members’ experience with energy tracking and compliance data.

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Do You Know How Much Your Monthly Utility Bill Is?

If you answered “no,” you’re not alone. Many organizations don’t track their utility bills, and in the process they could be missing out on major cost savings. Energy is becoming more and more of a focus not only for the environment but also for resource conservation.

Whether you’re looking to install environmentally-friendly upgrades or looking to cut down on your monthly bills, we’ve got you covered with our energy management solution. With Energy Manager™, you can view historic and real-time data on your utilities, uncover potential billing errors and keep track of your energy efforts. And, it’s all tied to ENERGY STAR so you get an accurate score. More energy wins, less money wasted.


  • Uncover conservation opportunities
  • Verify resulting savings and energy data
  • Monitor and track utility usage, carbon emissions and more


  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to get the data you need
  • Build an army of active participants with user-friendly dashboards and reporting
  • Share unlimited reports, trends and progress for stakeholders


  • Prioritize additional projects to further save
  • Gain an understanding of your historic and current spend on utilities
  • Uncover costly billing errors or meter reading mistakes

Upload Data

Complement existing FCAs and facility information with easy upload and export of data.

Track Utilities

Create track and trending data for utilities spending across multiple buildings or facilities.

Reduce Energy Costs

Uncover areas for improvement or potential billing errors, then compare with your peers.

Automate Scoring

Sync your data to see how your energy stacks up to ENERGY STAR standards.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Our energy bills are less than they’ve ever been [with Dude Solutions].”

- Glenn LaPlante, Stratton Mountain Resort

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