Event Management for Clubs & Associations

Streamline facility usage for special events

Clubs and associations are often used as community gathering centers for public and private events. From weddings at a local country club to a Boy Scouts troop meeting at the neighborhood YMCA, events are a great way to endear a club to its community and offer its members an additional perk of their affiliation.

Event management can be a time consuming and costly process, but one that can be profitable for clubs and facilities if managed properly. From managing incoming requests, to the process of scheduling, securing approvals, coordinating services and building management systems, staffing, and eventually invoicing, there’s no limit to the amount that must be tracked and accounted for.

Dude Solutions offers a robust suite of event management and facility usage solutions that can help you simplify – and can even automate – this entire process. With an intuitive, cloud-based platform that anyone can learn to use quickly, we make it easy for you to schedule and prepare your facilities internally, communicate with requestors externally and even track usage for cost recovery. We can help you:

  • Coordinate and streamline your entire event & facility management scheduling process
  • Avoid miscommunications or double bookings
  • Mitigate liability risk by knowing exactly who is using your building and when
  • Optimize schedules based on previous usage data
  • Integrate and automate building systems to align with your event schedules
  • Reduce staffing and utility costs
  • Improve your community’s experience and increase revenue with future bookings

Clubs & Associations Event Management Solutions