Event Scheduling for Clubs & Associations

Organize facility scheduling for all types of events

Hosting a well-run event in a local club or association can be a great form of community outreach and provide needed revenue for budget-conscious membership organizations. But scheduling, planning, executing and invoicing for it can be a logistical nightmare – especially if you’re relying on spreadsheets and emails to pull it all together. Fortunately, we have a better way to help all your hosted events run like clockwork.

Facility Schedule from Dude Solutions is a cloud-based event scheduling solution that streamlines the entire process of managing an event at your club or association. Facility Schedule automatically drives the resources of multiple departments to manage requests, route forms for approval, juggle calendars, prepare and breakdown events, and track all associated details and costs. Facility Schedule allows you to automate the entire event management process to make scheduling, tracking and invoicing more efficient and cost effective.

  • Greatly simplifies the entire event management process, from request to invoice
  • Mitigates risk by tracking who is in your facilities, including what space is being used and when
  • Documents actual facility usage costs to help justify rental rates and improve cost recovery
  • Improves coordination of support resources, such as HVAC, custodial, utility or setup / breakdown requirements