System Automation for Clubs & Associations

Automate your operations before, during & after events

One of the most challenging – and costly – aspects of managing an event at a club or association facility can be coordinating the utilities. Lights, HVAC and other key systems need to be turned on and off at just the right times, to maximize comfort without sacrificing efficiency. Facility Schedule Automation greatly simplifies this process, by automating the management of your building systems to ensure the comfort and reliability of your facilities during an event.

By integrating with Facility Schedule (sold separately) to share data with your building automation system (BAS), Facility Schedule Automation can automatically integrate and schedule your key utilities and building systems to align with the needs of your event.

  • Optimizes after-hour schedules based on actual usage
  • Reduces energy costs by 3% to 5%
  • Improves customer service and community relations by helping to ensure proper space conditions