Alarm Management for Clubs & Associations

Intelligent alarm management & automation system

Clubs and associations have a wide range of alarm configurations and systems to alert key personnel in the event of an issue. Some of these issues are minor nuisance alarms; others are critical and require immediate attention. What if a software system could distinguish between these two very different scenarios and automatically engage the right resources with the appropriate urgency? Fortunately, it can – with the Critical Alarm module from Dude Solutions.

The Critical Alarm module is all about prevention. It helps you keep the building-related concerns in your club and association from becoming emergencies by enabling a seamless data exchange between your maintenance system and your intelligent building devices. Critical Alarm receives notifications, evaluates the content, removes duplicates and nuisance alarms, and automates the process of generating work orders based on the alarm priority. Once the system has verified alarm notification responses, it routes them appropriately. If a situation is particularly urgent, Critical Alarm will give it precedence. It’s the equivalent of having a round-the-clock security officer monitoring and responding to building-related issues so your membership can enjoy your facilities safely.

  • Automatically generates work orders for building alarms
  • Documents all incoming alarms configured in the system
  • Provides "intelligent filtering" to identify and reduce erroneous and nuisance alarms
  • Automatically escalates alarms not yet reviewed
  • Supports any intelligent device with email notification capability