Inventory Management for Clubs & Associations

Streamline your budget with inventory software

Inventory management is a complex responsibility that can cause even the most insightful club and association administrators to lose sleep. Order too much, and you could very well be overspending, overstocking and outliving your inventory’s shelf life. Order too little, and you risk not being able to respond quickly to repair and replacement situations throughout your grounds and facilities.

With InventoryEdge from Dude Solutions, these concerns become a thing of the past. It has all the tools you need to streamline the entire inventory management process, from requesting and ordering to issuing and tracking key supplies and equipment. Best of all, with our web-based and mobile-based solutions, you have the power to get an accurate snapshot of your inventory from any place, at any time.

  • Simplifies inventory management with greater accuracy, better record keeping and automated reporting
  • Tracks all inventory transactions, including issues, receipts, returns, adjustments, orders, and transfers
  • Allocates inventory to a particular location, project, work order or employee
  • Automatically emails requesters with confirmation receipts along with update alerts as the order status changes
  • Allows material safety datasheets to be linked to inventory item records