Work Order Management for Clubs & Associations

A smart system to manage all your work orders

Managing the maintenance requirements for a club or association is a complex job with many moving parts.  Keeping the wide variety of equipment, facilities and grounds on your watch in good working order, and having a go-to action plan for corrective maintenance when it isn’t, is critical to running an operation that will keep members satisfied and coming back for more.

Dude Solutions specializes in solutions designed to streamline the entire maintenance management process.  Our renowned MaintenanceEdge application is a favorite among facility managers in YMCAs, churches, country clubs and more – because it helps you recognize and manage all the details you need to maintain your facility effectively.  This award-winning suite includes our Work Order and Planned Maintenance applications, each with specialized features and functionality to help optimize both preventive and corrective maintenance processes.  There is simply no more comprehensive maintenance solution on the market today.

  • Provides a convenient, centralized portal to submit, track and manage work requests through all stages of the process
  • Generates and automatically assigns planned maintenance work orders, and displays scheduled tasks on an interactive calendar
  • Schedules vendors, records labor records and documents purchase transactions
  • Provides detailed reporting tools to monitor and report on workflow costs and efficiency
  • Creates detailed planning tools with daily, weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance schedules