Mobile Device Management for Clubs & Associations

Manage the mobile devices across your facility

These days, just about all public facilities – particularly those of organizations filled with dues-paying members – are expected to offer wireless networks and support a wide range of members’ mobile devices. But with more devices, and more people tying into that network, the security risks begin to multiply quickly.

Dude Solutions’ soon-to-be-released Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is designed to help IT teams in YMCAs, churches, country clubs and other member-driven organizations more effectively monitor and manage a diverse array of mobile devices. It gives administrators the power to simply and remotely manage device policy, supervise device usage, and control application distribution across the network.

  • Enables IT teams to better monitor and manage a diverse array of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices
  • Supports policies for BYOD and organization-owned IT assets
  • Remotely allows teams to configure device and application policies