Smart Software for a Secure Facility

Intelligent Operations for Criminal Justice

When safety and security is your priority, you need a maintenance solution you can depend on. We know that managing a criminal justice facility requires you to be ever-focused on maintaining your facility, while ensuring it is a secure environment for inmates, staff and visitors. With our cloud-based solutions, you can streamline your operations and see that work is completed efficiently, all while utilizing reporting to prove your team’s workload and value. You may even find that it’s easier to focus on what’s important at your facility, when everything else is in a system that’s simple for everyone to use.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline your processes with automated maintenance workflow

  • Make data-driven decisions about your budget and staff with enhanced reporting capabilitiess

  • Mitigate risk to ensure safety throughout your facility

  • Improve energy efficiency and lower utility bills     

  • Provide access to critical safety plans and documentation


    Criminal Justice Safety Solutions


    Be prepared for anything with the critical safety information you need, when and where you need it.

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    Criminal Justice Energy Solutions


    Track utility costs and consumption to improve energy efficiency and lower energy bills.

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    Criminal Justice Maintenance Solutions


    Manage your facilities, teams and budget with centralized work requests, automated workflow and simple reporting tools.

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