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Smarter Energy Management

Energy is essential for productive learning environments — creating comfortable classrooms, enabling extracurricular activities and events, and empowering educators with new technology. It’s hard to know all the ways your energy is wasted, but one thing is certain: energy is expensive. From light bulbs to HVAC systems, opportunities to conserve energy and be a better steward of resources are everywhere.

Imagine if you could manage your entire energy and utilities ecosystem from a single, powerful dashboard. How much could your institution save? And what could you do with those savings?

Save your energy and define your future with Dude Solutions Energy Manager™ — smarter energy management software to help you control and conserve.


Usage You Can See

  • Start by collecting and connecting all of your utility bills to a single, intuitive energy operations dashboard
  • Get away from autopay and go from simply paying your bills to paying attention to them
  • Recognize month-to-month patterns in your usage and drive decisions that create real savings


Data You Can Trust

  • Ensure that your utility bills reflect the energy your facilities actually used
  • Make confident decisions based on accurate and relevant data, and find even more opportunities to save
  • Leverage added quality assurance capabilities to uncover costly billing errors and gaps utility companies won’t catch


Insight You Can Act On

  • Manage complex energy ecosystems in near real time; spot waste before it shows up on next month’s bill
  • Gain immediate energy insights; compare current usage against historical benchmarks
  • Know quickly how your usage stacks up against what you should expect; make changes that will have the most impact

Product Features

Take Command of Energy Consumption
  • Gain clarity into your energy usage. Track your progress and measure the impact of your energy consumption from within a single web-based application.
  • Get an understanding of your current and historic utility spending. Leverage additional data services to uncover costly billing errors and identify areas to save.
  • Discover realistic ways to improve sustainability. Monitor carbon emissions and compare your energy consumption with similar facilities.
  • Gain insights into your energy consumption in near real time. Capitalize on immediate opportunities to save instead of waiting for next month’s bill.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"My role switched from reactive data entry to proactive energy planning. We have more time to focus on things that will have a lasting impact on the district and improve energy consumption."

- Jose Vega, Building Automation Technician

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