Energy Management for Education

Cloud-based tracking for energy, utilities & electricity

With our energy tracking solutions, it’s simple to monitor energy consumption, notice changes in consumption patterns, track conservation efforts and reduce costs. Detailed analysis and reporting tools provide much-needed visibility into key energy metrics for school leaders, their staff and the ecosystem they serve.

Education Energy Solutions

Utility Tracking

Energy Manager is a cloud-based energy tracking solution designed to empower your workforce to take charge of their energy consumption at their site. Through in-depth tracking and impactful insights, you’ll provide greater accountability and lower the overall cost of your energy bills.

Energy Manager tracks, audits and analyzes utility consumption and costs to pinpoint savings opportunities. With bill tracking, the first step towards a successful energy management program, you’ll be able to implement energy conservation initiatives based on identified opportunities. With these tracking capabilities, you’ll also establish a baseline to help, recognize potential billing errors or under-performing buildings based on historical data.

Working in tandem with bill tracking, powerful reports, possible with utility bill tracking, provide greater visibility into performance and energy usage in your facilities so you can validate conservation efforts to stakeholders. In addition, our solution syncs seamlessly with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager to automate the monitoring of the scores and rankings in your buildings to help you gain recognition for your conservation efforts.

Key Benefits

  • Improve the efficiency of your buildings and lower energy bills by at least 5% by tracking utility consumption

  • Identify billing errors and under-performing buildings to save money

  • Budget better with year-to-year energy spend comparisons

  • Monitor greenhouse gas emissions and other important environmental metrics

  • Automate monitoring of ENERGY STAR scores and identify certification opportunities