Facility Scheduling for Education

Software to Streamline School Events

Make the system for booking, setting up and using your school facility for events and field trips simple and streamlined, all while recovering your costs, with our facility scheduling software for schools.

Event Scheduling

No matter how many events you host at your school, keeping track of who needs to do what and be where at what time can be confusing… especially when it’s not in one, easily accessible system.

What’s your process for scheduling community events at your school facility?

Our event scheduling software is so much more than a calendar of what’s happening when. SchoolDude by Dude Solutions gives you the power to schedule, track and benefit from community use of your school facilities. Everything you need to manage facility use requests is in one place (and online or on your mobile device).

This facility scheduling tool is designed to meet the unique needs of educational institutions, helping automate the entire event scheduling process. Not only will you eliminate scheduling conflicts and double booking, but you’ll be able to see everything that is going on at your facility and plan for the unique needs of each event.

Ensure community use of your facilities is all planned, organized and optimized with our event management solution.

  • Automate the facility scheduling process for internal and external groups
  • Maximize facility usage and energy efficiency with strategic room scheduling
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts and save more than 10 minutes per event with a centralized events calendar
  • Streamline invoicing and improve communication with community groups through online payments, saving your school $1.80 per student

Building Automation

After-hours events at your school can be both a blessing and a curse to your maintenance and operations team. While they’re a good use of your facilities and beneficial for your community, they can also cost your staff a significant amount of time and money.

How do you save money and energy when hosting after-hours events?

Utilize our school building automation software to automatically schedule your systems to coordinate with facility usage for events and significantly save on resources. SchoolDude’s FSAutomation is a cloud-based solution that integrates with our facility scheduling system to share data with your building automation system (BAS).

With the tap of a button, you have the power to schedule systems like HVAC or lighting to automatically go on or off according to your facility and event needs. Using an integrated, automated process means that your building can be working efficiently, even when no one from your team is on call. Just imagine the energy savings and efficiency possibilities that you could see when your buildings, lighting and HVAC are only running when they're actually in use.

  • Enable event schedule changes to automatically reset your BAS to controlled mode
  • Include timed BAS overrides to control building conditioning and costs
  • Provide historical documentation of all scheduled events, cancellations and overrides
  • Reduce energy costs by 3% by controlling equipment operation
  • Save your staff 15 minutes per event by automating BAS overrides

Field Trip Planning

There’s so much you can’t plan for with a field trip, but there are also key details that you can have organized before the buses leave the school.

How do you document field trip planning?

With TripDirect, you can simplify your field trip workflow by streamlining your request and approval process, as well as improve coordination by accurately allocating resources. Ensure everyone, from teachers to bus drivers to other staff members, knows where they need to be and when ahead of time.

Our field trip planning and management software gives you the tools you need to manage trip requests, budgets, mileage and driver wages. Then, after the trip, you’ll be able to use all of that recorded information to create data-rich reports. You won’t just be maximizing your staff’s time and resources – you’ll also improve communication across all departments with a centralized calendar.

Take back the wheel and plan all of your school’s field trips online using one simple solution: TripDirect.

  • Track all trip requests and schedules, and display approved trips on an interactive calendar
  • Allow end-users to submit trip requests and check status online, reducing phone calls and emails
  • Track trip-related costs including driver wages, mileage and purchases for effective budgeting
  • Generate automatic emails to service providers regarding trip requirements

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