IT Management for Education

Tech Savviness Unlocked

From help desk ticketing to mobile device management (MDM), TechnologyEssentials simplifies the process of making your school more tech savvy and IT friendly.

Help Desk Management

It’s the job of the IT department to equip students and staff to use technology to its fullest potential… but what if you don’t have the technology you need to complete your many duties and responsibilities in a timely and organized manner?

Does your help desk system need help?

With Help Desk, from our TechnologyEssentials suite, you have everything you need to streamline support requests of all shapes and sizes. Our school help desk software makes your IT team tech champions by providing an intuitive system for your help desk. You (and whoever submitted the help ticket) will be able to see the request from open to resolution, as well as use that data to allocate your resources more efficiently. Automated workflows, asset tracking and detailed reporting combine to make this tool unlike any other.

Our help desk solution is designed specifically for the technological needs of schools (from K-12 to universities) that want to simplify their processes and empower their IT teams.

  • Automatically route and assign incidents and tickets to appropriate staff
  • Track staff labor costs and work completion to justify budgeting and planning decisions
  • Save 30 minutes per help desk request and reduce ticket submission by 20%
  • Enable staff to submit requests online via a request submission portal and receive email updates on status of requests
  • Track detailed asset information, including history, configuration and related incidents

IT Asset Inventory

The great thing about new technology is that it cuts down on paper clutter – but your team has to monitor all of the new devices, systems and processes across your school’s network. Our IT asset discovery solution, Insight, can help you prevent additional clutter before it happens to protect your education institution’s resources.

Insight provides visibility into everything you need to successfully manage your technology infrastructure. Automatically discover all IP-addressable devices on your network with our agentless discovery and monitoring tool that is non-invasive, so you can get answers quickly and have minimal implementation time. With Insight, your IT team will be able to monitor and protect your school’s valuable technology investments to minimize downtime in the classroom and gather asset data for more informed decisions.

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Mobile Device Management

It’s clear that schools are becoming much more mobile friendly, creating new ways to use technology to learn and improve processes. The trick comes with finding a way to manage and streamline the mobile technology in use at your school, especially with the potentially limited resources of your IT team.

How do you manage school-issued mobile devices?

With our mobile device management (MDM) software for schools, you’ll have the tools you need to oversee and secure personal and school-owned devices across your network. Instantly multiply your IT team with cloud-based and, well, mobile solutions for managing the devices on your network quickly and confidently.

MDM from SchoolDude’s TechnologyEssentials suite gives administrators the power to simply and remotely manage device policy, supervise device usage and control application distribution across the network. This kind of control can equate to risks avoided, time saved and technology headaches lessened.

  • Enable IT teams to better monitor and manage a diverse array of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices
  • Support policies for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and organization-owned IT assets
  • Track warranty information for various building components
  • Simplifies compliance with CIPA and other student protection policies
  • Remotely allows teams to configure device and application policies

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