Maintenance Management for Education

School Facilities Maintenance Simplified

At all levels of education – from K-12 school districts to large universities – maintenance professionals in education face a wide range of challenges. SchoolDude is designed to help you meet all of those challenges with solutions that create efficiency, time and dollar savings, and confidence.

Corrective & Preventive Maintenance

No matter the size of your school, staff or facility, you must balance managing preventive and routine maintenance with being responsive to requests for managing reactive and corrective maintenance.

How much deferred maintenance do you have?

With our school CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) specifically designed for education, you can have the tools and insight you need to make deferred maintenance a thing of the past and preventive maintenance a crucial part of your school’s future. Our corrective and preventive maintenance software, MaintenanceEssentials Pro, allows you to manage all of your work orders and recurring tasks on one simple, mobile platform. Use our school work order management system to easily set up recurring PM schedules, create a single place for staff, students and operations professionals to submit work requests, and automate routing and completion of requests all from the cloud. With the mobile capabilities, you can be sure that everyone on your team (wherever they are on campus) has access when and where they need it.

Empower your team with maintenance software that’s built to meet the needs of educational institutions – and benefit from a more efficient process using mobile maintenance management tools that go where you do. That’s the power of the Dude.

  • Automatically route, prioritize and rank work order requests in real time by project, location, budget and available inventory
  • Improve communication and visibility with KPI benchmarking and customized reporting
  • Utilize your school’s work order data to justify budget and staffing needs
  • Increase productivity by more than 20% and save at least 30 minutes per work order

Inventory Management

Your inventory can be your worst enemy – a disorganized piece of your operations that wastes time and money. Or it can be your best friend – a highly efficient and organized system that helps you proactively plan what consumables you need even before you need them. With SchoolDude in your corner, you’ll wonder how you ever got by with the former.

How do you manage your school’s inventory?

Our cloud-based inventory management solution inventory challenges, offering a simple tool for tracking all of your inventory transactions. With our intuitive tools, you’ll be able to predict what you need when (and save resources because of it).

Our school inventory software streamlines the process of requesting, ordering, and tracking supplies and tools, while allowing you to allocate supplies to upcoming work orders. You can even give users like teachers, faculty and other staff the ability to make online inventory requests, along with an easy way to follow up on what was approved, denied or on back order.

School inventory management is much more, well, manageable with our comprehensive software.

  • Manage inventory items by category types and attach to a specific location, project, person or work order
  • Reduce inventory shrinkage by 2-3%
  • Automate assigning supplies to work requests
  • Generate detailed reports on your materials usage and more
  • Assign stock pools to see what is low so you can replenish as needed

Capital Forecasting

You know that you should be planning for the future of your school buildings, but you may also lack the time or resources to keep a pulse so your facility condition data doesn’t just live on paper.

How do you balance budgeting and capital planning for the next 5, 10 or 30 years?

SchoolDude provides integrated capital planning software that allows you to easily forecast and budget for your short- and long-term facility needs. With CapitalForecastDirect, you have the power to predict future operations projects while prioritizing current ones, giving you the visibility and credibility to act with confidence.

Your to-do list just got a lot simpler for today and years down the road with real-time data that guides capital forecasting for your school or district. We can help you conduct a facility condition assessment, as well as house all of the crucial information about your buildings and assets, so your facility conditions don’t just live on paper. You can then use that information to guide the planning of your most critical maintenance needs while also creating a 30-year forecast.

Use our capital forecasting solution to help your maintenance team make the greatest impact in your facility, fostering the ideal environment for students and staff.

  • Simplify budgeting by generating reports with detailed graphs and summaries
  • Illustrate year-by-year trends and show potential impacts by building and related systems
  • Track warranty information for various building components
  • Forecast life cycle and cost for long-range facility repairs
  • Save $4 on capital costs for every $1 spent on upkeep and renewals

Building Automation

If it seems like you’re expected to be on call every hour of the day, then building automation can help you extend your resources when it comes to alarms throughout your facility.

What does your school building automation system look like?

If you lack a system to distinguish between “nuisance” alarms and real emergencies, then you can say goodbye to wasting time responding to non-emergencies. With Critical Alarm Automation powered by SchoolDude, you have the ability to tackle problems before they become emergencies. Our school building automation software allows you to automatically filter nuisance alarms, generate work orders within our maintenance software and escalate truly critical alarms to the appropriate personnel.

Track emergency work orders to justify building and component replacements, as well as drastically decrease unplanned emergency work at your school with our cloud-based building automation solution. We can help you go from code “hair on fire” to code “in control.”

  • Escalate and track critical alarms based on your preferences
  • Preserve capital budget by extending the life of critical equipment with 24/7 monitoring
  • Generate work orders automatically only as desired
  • Document equipment alarm history to justify replacements


Whether your school building or campus is undergoing renovations or you need to see building blueprints for a maintenance task, this data is often out of reach… or takes days or weeks to find.

Where is your school’s GIS and building map data stored and accessed?

With SchoolDude’s ConnectGIS, you’ll have access to your building map data whenever and wherever you need it, online or on your mobile device. Our school GIS software streamlines data access across your staff and throughout departments, increasing transparency and putting everyone on the same page.

With a detailed, top-to-bottom view of your operations data, you’ll have the tools and confidence you need to make data-driven decisions about your school’s facilities, maintenance and much more. View intricate building data or create location-based floorplans, all available on your mobile device, to simplify your everyday tasks.

We’ve simplified school GIS data, so it’s easy for you to find and use crucial information about your campus.

  • View GPS-enabled, map-based context for making more informed decisions
  • Easily share data via email, Excel or printouts
  • Drill down to building and room level information
  • Provide a graphical database of interior and exterior building information for your maintenance, grounds, facilities, administration or planning departments to reference

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