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Technology Essentials for Education 

More Efficient Workflow for Better Service

In today’s budget-conscious and fiscally-constrained environment, IT teams are expected to deliver superior service with fewer resources — to do more with less. As the leading asset management software provider for the education industry, Dude Solutions offers easy-to-use cloud-based software that brings automation, data-driven insights and scalability to institutions with limited resources.

Dude Solutions Help Desk™ and Insight™ products empower you to do the best work of your life, helping you to own your operations as you navigate growth and manage costs.


  • Deliver a seamless requester experience and dramatically reduce time to resolution
  • Automate manual activities for timely and improved outcomes, with lower costs
  • Benefit from a unified help desk platform that associates tickets with your asset inventory


  • Gain transparency into your operations, make better decisions and build a case to secure the funding and resources you need
  • Communicate effectively with accurate reporting, prove your value and help your organization thrive
  • Create a data-driven culture for more accurate forecasting and budgeting; use data to show value and gain organizational buy-in


  • Tap into a community of 7,000+ education clients, full-fledged client support and 97% client satisfaction rating
  • Integrate with other software in your ecosystem for a more complete solution and greater return on investment
  • Grow your investment with adjacent solutions in the Dude Solutions portfolio, including capital planning, energy conservation and event management

Product Features

Simplify and Control Your IT Operations
  • Identify and create an inventory of all IP-addressable devices on your network with an automated agentless scan. Tie assets to tickets for more efficient and effective service.
  • Generate configurable reports for key stakeholders to improve communication and empower IT to be a data-driven leader within the organization.
  • Empower IT teams to offer a self-service option for common questions and issues. Maximize customer satisfaction and reduce reactive workload.
  • Track tickets, projects and all of your activity from within a unified help desk and inventory platform. Simplify and automate your workflow for maximum efficiency.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Our [time to resolution] is significantly better — probably 80% better. We couldn’t live without your ticketing system. That’s our lifeblood."
- Bob Green, Computer Repair Supervisor, Knox County School District

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