Utility Management for Education

Track & Save Energy Usage

Are you looking to save more energy at your school? No matter the size of your educational institution, tracking energy use is the first step to boosting your energy efficiency and becoming your own energy manager.

How can you reduce your school’s energy consumption?

Our cloud-based energy tracking software for schools gives you a simple way to monitor energy costs, increase your ENERGY STAR® rating and improve your building performance. Start seeing your energy use come to life with Energy Manager from SchoolDude – and have instant access to the energy data and reporting you need to help your school develop a sustainable conservation program. With utility bill tracking, you’ll be able to establish a baseline to help recognize potential billing errors or under-performing buildings based on historical data.

Complete an energy audit and analyze your utility costs and consumption by all commodities and services with our simple utility management tools. You (along with your staff and administrators) can view changes in key energy metrics and understand exactly what takes up the most energy or where you’ve had significant savings with clear-cut reporting capabilities.

Whether you call it conservation management, energy efficiency or saving money, our utility tracking software translates to good news for you and your school.

[With Dude Solutions], my role switched from reactive data entry to proactive energy planning. We have more time to focus on things that will have a lasting impact on the district and improve energy consumption

Jose VegaBuilding Automation Technician for St. Lucie County School District

Key Benefits

  • Improve the efficiency of your buildings and lower energy bills by at least 5%

  • Track bills and utility information for many utility types, including electric, fuel oil, water and natural gas to identify usage and cost red flags

  • Generate and easily share detailed reports and graphs on use and cost by occupant, by square foot and more

  • Monitor greenhouse gas emissions and other important environmental metrics

  • Automate monitoring of ENERGY STAR scores and identify certification opportunities

  • View year-to-year energy spend comparisons to better allocate your budget

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