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Assessment & Treasury™ for Government

Assessment & Treasury™ for Government

Modern Taxation Management in the Cloud

Assessors and treasurers need a reliable, scalable way to keep property assessments and revenue collection accurate, timely and accessible. However, many counties still depend on legacy systems, overwhelmed IT resources and even paper-based processes to manage taxation. As a result, counties spend large amounts of time and money managing documentation, working in outdated technology and attempting to report accurately.

Dude Solutions Assessment & Treasury™ (ATS) is a first-to-market SaaS property taxation governance solution hosted in the world-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. ATS simplifies taxation, automates workflows, removes administrative delays and lowers overall total cost of ownership. The bottom line is that government personnel should be able to use technology at work the way they do at home: always on, easy to use, personal and mobile.


  • Leverage a cloud-based application tied to your permitting system to automate and manage workflows for parcel tracking, market valuation, fee collection, reporting and citizen communication
  • Rely on the trusted AWS environment to minimize downtown and ensure accurate information flow while increasing security
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership thanks to ATS’s cloud-based subscription model which shifts large capital expenses associated with traditional client-server applications to a predictable operational expense


  • Maintain transparency with accurate, up-to-date information for citizens via a self-service portal
  • Provide an optimized, easy-to-navigate user experience to meet your community’s modern expectations
  • Increase transparency by allowing citizens to see where and how tax revenue is used to benefit the community


  • Predict revenue streams by keeping assessments and revenue collection accurate, timely and accessible
  • Track revenue, trends, staff efficiency and more using fully configurable reports
  • Generate invoices, reminders, late notices and all cashiering needs

Product Features

  • Benefit from an icon-driven interface and cloud-based application to automate and manage workflows for parcel tracking, market valuation, fee collection, ad hoc reporting and citizen communication.
  • Record excise affidavit information, calculate excise taxes due, collect excise taxes and submit the excise affidavit information to the state. Distribute collected excise taxes to the state, county and jurisdiction.
  • Maintain transparency for citizens via a self-service portal where they can pay taxes directly or via mortgage provider, as well as get timely valuation notices, tax statements, foreclosure notices and payment reminders.
  • View accurate, up-to-date information about specific real property accounts, such as taxes, parcel details, assessed value, exemptions, sales and more.

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