Capital Forecasting

Simplify Capital Budgeting & Planning

Whether you’re developing a budget, refining a budget, or even trying to report on your ability to operate within the confines of a budget, the process can be daunting. That’s why Dude Solutions has Capital Forecast.

How do you forecast your future operational needs?

Our capital forecasting software for government serves as a centralized hub for cataloging an inventory of structures and assets, along with a complete record of their age and condition. With maintenance and asset data at your fingertips, you’re able to develop more accurate budget models based on assessments of equipment that will likely need repairs or replacement.

Armed with this data, you can propose funding requests... and have the information you need to back it up.

  • Improve budget accuracy with real-time snapshots of aging equipment
  • Reduce risk by ensuring your most pressing operational needs are prioritized
  • Improve operational insight by producing and sharing analysis and reports

Now when we go to report budget, we don’t have to guess at numbers because we can bring up reports that show everything we did and all of our stats.

Roger Davidson Safety Specialist Senior, Department of Public Works for City of Milwaukee, WI

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