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Capital Forecasting
for Government

Smarter Decisions Through Strategic Planning

Government leaders create the future of communities. Be confident you're steering yours in the right direction.

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Capital Forecasting

Set Your Budget up for Success

When your day-to-day consists of backlogged work, it often feels like the present is all you can handle. But local and state government leaders have the job of planning ahead for their people, and big-budget projects require clear foresight and execution. Don't waste time or your budget — enlist a tool that can keep you on track for success. Work smarter with Capital Forecasting™.


  • A CMMS built to help you make the most of your assets and equipment
  • Access to years of data, best practices and customer intelligence
  • Calculate exact costs and create feasible and effective capital plans


  • See year-by-year trends to make more informed decisions
  • Track warranty information for building components
  • Identify potential impact on your buildings and related systems


  • Allocate budget and equipment needs for future projects
  • Prioritize future projects and streamline the work that can wait
  • See where you're going to avoid spikes over time

Smart Planning

Discover new methods and models for capital forecasting that can equal more time and money saved for your team and town.

Centralized Data

With a record of asset and equipment conditions at your fingertips, confidently make daily decisions that protect the future of your operations.

Sound Investments

Decrease stress and eliminate guesswork and confusion. Know exactly which projects will have the highest ROI so you can prioritize and get to work.

Justified Spending

Have the data to make a clear case for resource requests. Quickly access reports that demonstrate the cost of correcting maintenance deficiencies.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Now I have a tool that proves to the Council my need for more funding. It's easy to tell [the Council] This is what I have to do, and this is what it's going to take."
- Robert Hardie, Facilities Manager

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