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See Where You’ve Been, Plan Where You’re Going 

Repairs and replacements are inevitable, but budgets aren’t unlimited. Dude Solutions Capital Forecasting™ helps you predict and prioritize asset maintenance based on accurate lifecycle information, facility condition assessments (FCAs), work order history and best practices. When repair is unavoidable, make it simple. Our solution allows you to anticipate major expenditures, prevent financial surprises and have the confidence to ask for resources with data at your fingertips. Provide a better future for your citizens and community by getting the right tool that transforms the way you work.


  • Access years of asset lifecycle data, work order information and building component insights to help inform capital forecasting
  • Calculate exact costs and create feasible and effective capital plans that are based on accurate historical data
  • Extend the life of your assets and equipment by accurately forecasting and budgeting for corrective and preventive maintenance


  • Allocate resources and budget for future projects based on asset conditions and equipment needs 
  • Prioritize high-value projects and streamline the work that can wait 
  • Know where you're going to avoid unexpected expenses 


  • Easily spot trends with configurable views, reports and graphs to make more informed decisions 
  • Import data to track warranty information for building components and gain a more complete view of your buildings
  • Identify potential impact to your buildings and related systems 

Product Features

Set Your Budget up for Success
  • Make confident capital planning decisions based on a reliable and definitive source of data, including asset and equipment conditions. 
  • Understand your needs and make a clear case for additional investment. Quickly access reports that demonstrate the cost of correcting maintenance deficiencies. 
  • Leverage innovative models and templates to determine the cost and timeframe for renewing or replacing building systems. Create your own building type templates.
  • Eliminate guesswork and confusion. Know exactly which projects will have the highest return on investment so you can prioritize and get to work. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The capital forecasting software offered our assessment team an innovative way to document, input and manage an enormous amount of data and budget information in a format that could be easily shared and communicated on many different levels of detail.” 
- Bill Hughes, AIA

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