Energy Management for Government

Unlock Your Energy Efficiency

As utility costs continue to rise along with the accountability of our elected officials, municipalities of all sizes are taking a hard look at their energy and water expenses. With Dude Solutions’ UtilityTrac software, it’s easy to monitor and record changes in consumption patterns, track conservation efforts and reduce costs.

How can you save energy in your facilities?

Featuring robust monitoring and reporting tools, this unique application allows you to track almost any commodity or quantifiable service, including electricity, natural gas, propane, fuel oil, water, sewer, telephone, internet and more.

Our utility management tools for government are designed to maximize savings of money, time and resources.

  • Track utility costs and consumption across all commodities and services
  • Improve utility analysis by following weather trends and events, monitoring energy usage and spending, and auditing monthly bills automatically
  • Simplify tracking by monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, conservation initiatives and energy use indices


Now when we go to report budget, we don’t have to guess at numbers because we can bring up reports that show everything we did and all of our stats.

Roger Davidson Safety Specialist Senior, Department of Public Works for City of Milwaukee, WI