Facility Condition Assessments

Software to Assess & Improve Your Facility

With the maturing age of many of our government buildings, it’s critical to keep an eye on the maintenance and safety of those facilities.

When is the last time you had your facility’s condition assessed?

With a facility condition assessment (FCA), you can better understand the state of your facilities by analyzing and documenting factors like age, materials, designs, assets and more. At Dude Solutions, we offer reliable facility condition assessment services to help local governments better appropriate the time and budget necessary to keep their buildings up to date.

Inputting the FCA data into your CMMS allows you to maximize your investment in your FCA by turning it into living operational data. Create more efficiencies in your workflow and preserve the life of your buildings using our APPEM (Assess, Prioritize, Plan, Execute, Maintain) method to implement and keep FCAs current.

The FCA service is also paired with our Preventive Maintenance (PM) Schedule Creation service to utilize planned maintenance to prevent expensive emergencies within your facilities, now and in the future.

Save time, money and resources in the long run with a smart way to make facility condition assessments successful for your municipality.

  • Allow your FCA to stay current for 10-15 years or more
  • Extend asset life and increase energy efficiency
  • Access data on work history and cost, condition index, age and depreciation, and energy usage

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