Citizen Request

Simplify Your Citizen Request Process

If your citizens are unhappy because (insert myriad of reasons here), or they just want to submit requests for services, there is a better way to keep everything in order. Dude Solutions’ mobile maintenance management software can help you receive, organize, complete and communicate citizen requests with speed and efficiency.

How do you currently process citizen requests?

Engaging with your citizens is as simple as providing an easy way to track their work requests right on their mobile device with Mobile311.

From potholes to traffic lights to parks, empower your community to play an important part in the maintenance process with our citizen service request software.

Have useful data at your fingertips to protect your infrastructure, employees, citizens and community.

  • Allow citizens to attach photos and location information to requests
  • Simplify requests by allowing requestors to submit and track the status of work orders online
  • Provide automatic updates to citizens on their request to keep them informed and up to date
  • Improve communication between citizens and employees

Now, we have a better dialogue with our citizens, and they have a way to hold us accountable for work requests.

Daniel Rizzo Mayor of Revere, MA

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