Public GIS Portal

Software for Visualizing Your Community

Your citizens and staff need an easy way to see GIS information pertaining to permits, taxes and licensing without putting a strain on your department’s time or resources.

How do you provide GIS information to citizens?

Give citizens an easy way to view parcel data, tax information, zoning, voting districts, aerial photography, and much more with a public GIS portal through ConnectGIS.

Our public portal takes all of your layered GIS data and publishes and/or hosts it within a user-friendly hub to ensure you can easily configure information and provide the public with the GIS layers that they need. From tax records to property lines, ConnectGIS provides a simple, visual way for citizens and staff to access parcel data with one click.

Empower your community with easily accessible information and historical data through an interactive public GIS portal.

  • Reduce foot traffic, calls and emails requesting information
  • Maps and data can be easily shared via email, Excel or print-outs
  • Increase transparency and communication with continually updated maps for parcel data, information on an upcoming event, aerial photography or any other layer

The system offers us an excellent way to get requests from the public, the mayor, and the city council into our work queue and communicate with them about what we’re getting done.

Daniel Rizzo Mayor of Revere, MA

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