Gas & Electric

Empower Your Public Utilities Team

As a customer-facing entity, your utilities department needs a streamlined system for managing assets, connecting with customers and empowering field workers with simple solutions. Dude Solutions offers all of that and more through our mobile utility software.

What does your utilities tracking process look like?

Use our interactive solution, Mobile311, to create and assign work orders with the tap of a button, as well as attach specific locations and notes to assets and requests. Whether there’s a power outage, a disconnect or you’re starting a new service, we can help streamline the process to resolution.

Optimize field work, improve asset management and engage with your electric and gas customers more effectively through a single platform.

  • Route start and stop service requests and manage power outages
  • Clearly see utility grids to know where cutoff sections are immediate
  • Provide a customer portal for citizens to report issues or requests
  • Immediately edit or update work history or notes from the field
  • Improve your maintenance cost reporting with documentation and useful data

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