Roads & Bridges

Promote Service & Safety with Your Infrastructure

The highways, roads and bridges in a community are not only some of the most expensive and largest assets a government maintains, but failures or emergencies can create immediate and far-reaching consequences for your citizens.

How to you track your infrastructure management?

Dude Solutions provides an effective road and bridge management solution through Mobile311, combining asset management functionality with mobile capabilities. Our infrastructure software integrates internal data on street failures with citizen requests to understand problem areas and address issues before they become big headaches.

  • Better manage your staff, resources and communication
  • Plan for future needs and meet regulatory requirements
  • More efficiently respond to citizen requests and improve customer service
  • Coordinate major projects with other departments through effective documentation and access to GIS and operational data in one common place
  • Fast reporting to submit for state and federal reimbursement

Documentation is so important and to have it all in a system makes a huge difference: a few clicks versus fishing through a file cabinet.

Theresa Garcia Personnel / Loss Control Director for Sandusky County, OH

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