Sanitation & Solid Waste

Manage Sanitation & Solid Waste with Confidence

As a leading provider of cloud-based asset and work management software for municipalities, Dude Solutions provides invaluable insight into sanitation and solid waste management through mobile maintenance and safety tools.

How can you provide the highest level of service through your sanitation and solid waste department?

We can help you keep your city clean and employees and citizens happy by optimizing collection sites and your collections process with our powerful Mobile311 platform. With proper documentation and a streamlined workflow, you’ll be able to create transparency and accountability between departments, while justifying your budgetary decisions.

Improve your level of service and increase your efficiencies by utilizing our sanitation and solid waste software to organize your workflow.

  • Optimize field work by allowing crews to act as scouts
  • Increase positive and effective communication with citizens by identifying repeat offenders for issues such as can not out, recycling contamination, can wrong way, etc.
  • Create efficiencies through point-to-point routing for bulk item pickup, white goods, brush and debris, etc.
  • Reduce wear and tear on your equipment while lowering fuel and manpower costs

You can simply hit a button in Mobile311 and the coordinates and information is captured.

David Hutchins Public Works Director for City of Asheboro, NC

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