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Crisis Management
for Government

Trusted Solutions to Protect Your Citizens

Protecting your community is a full-time job. When it's time to jump into action, make sure your team is ready.

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Proactive Planning and Efficient Emergency Responses

We often think the worst can't happen to our town — until it does. When a crisis happens, it's our responsibility to act quickly and intelligently to protect our community members and the place they call home. Increase the efficiency of your emergency response with careful planning, fast action and improved communication using products like Safety Center™ and Advanced Skills Management™ (ASMi).


  • Store all safety policies and procedures in one reliable place
  • Update safety plans easily whenever there's a change
  • Involve unlimited users so your safety plan is transparent


  • Select the features your organization needs
  • Upload all your plans, diagrams, maps and more
  • Adjust to align with your municipality's brand


  • Access safety procedures from anywhere outside the office
  • Put plans in the hands of those out in your community
  • See or update your information quickly from your phone or tablet

Secure Storage

Make your safety procedures as private or public as you like. Share plans with your department, leadership and community members as you decide.

Fail-Safe Documentation

Paper documents can be lost, and you don't want to flip through a binder in an emergency. Use a centralized repository to have quick, reliable access to all your plans.

Incident Reporting

Create incident reporting forms with GPS and photos you can gather data from later on, and make it easy for citizens to provide information about safety issues.

Quick Communication

Send unlimited push notifications and emails to users whenever you need to. Access emergency and safety plans even when telecommunications or internet is lost.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“When we have an emergency situation, we set up a project within our system and utilize live reporting capabilities so that when our emergencies are over, we're able to submit reimbursement to the federal government within usually about a 48 to 72-hours process. We took what used to take two months and narrowed that down to about 72 hours.”
- TJ Imberger, Parks Superintendent, Spalding County Parks & Recreation

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