Safety Management for Government

Accessible & Actionable Safety Plans

In today’s world, local governments must be prepared for any type of crisis – from active response situations to weather disasters, and literally anything in between. These events can equate to damage to your facilities, lawsuits, an interruption in your services, negatively impacting your citizen’s lives, and potentially a substantial chunk of your budget.

Where are your safety plans?

Dude Solutions empowers local government teams with the tools they need to update, distribute, download and track any type of response documentation – from emergency management plans, safety procedures and protocols to SDS manuals, key contacts lists, building plans and much more. Safety Center provides a single source of content for the latest and most accurate versions of your most critical assets.

Ensure your disaster response efforts with the cloud-based software of Mobile311 and ConnectGIS, offering accessible safety documentation even when the power is out. This will help your crew coordinate debris removal with emergency maps and routes, help you know where your crews are in real time, and allow citizens to report issues.

All of your safety information is immediately accessible to those who need it most, via their most portable and indispensable tool – their smartphone. And after the event, you have the data and reporting you need to justify decisions and receive help from state or federal entities.

  • Act more quickly, confidently and accurately when responding to a crisis situation
  • Centralize your material files, eliminating the need to update multiple, manual libraries of offline content
  • Increase your incident management efforts in real time
  • Track emergency responses against established protocols
  • Ensure the content you need offline is available when you need it most – in the case of a crisis situation when cell phone coverage may get overloaded or go down


Documentation is so important and to have it all in a system makes a huge difference: a few clicks versus fishing through a file cabinet.

Theresa Garcia Personnel / Loss Control Director for Sandusky County, OH