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ASMi is now Dude Solutions Skills Management™.

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Skills Management
for Government

Be Confident About Personnel Readiness

Increase visibility into your workforce's training and accreditations to limit liability, make more informed decisions and raise the focus of your mission, all in one organized system.

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Manage Workforce Skills in One Easy-to-Use Place

Ensuring personnel readiness is essential within many government organizations, but if your system is difficult to maintain or doesn't offer the right level of visibility, errors can be made that cause your department serious liability issues. Advanced Skills Management™ enables you to plan, build, manage and assess your team's readiness within a single dashboard. In one organized repository, capture and monitor personnel records associated with computer-based training, job performance aids, on-the-job training, interactive work history and exams.


  • Access a virtually limitless variety of readiness reports
  • Get accurate and near real-time data on preparedness and gaps
  • Track specific qualifications to career progressions and readiness


  • Reduce manual labor to free up time and save costs
  • Facilitate valuable cross-training and clear communication
  • Eliminate human error to better mitigate risk and liability


  • Gain more time to manage mission requirements
  • Examine a training jacket without needing to be in the work center
  • Check training programs at any time, not just during audit or inspection

Reduced Liability

Manage risk and mitigate liability with evidence of readiness easily accessible. Uncover weaknesses to drive specific, targeted training and utilize Human Reliability Analysis and Human Error Probability.

System Flexibility

Assimilate existing paper records, and recreate and transform processes into a formal system. Organize and improve existing business practices and standardize training information in one repository.

Qualification Data

Interactive dashboards and real-time analytics make it easy to track qualifications using role-based access and management. View organization-wide qualification levels and update requirements as necessary.

Improved Efficiency

Take back time in your day and remove administrative delays of pushing paper. Aggregate multiple spreadsheets, datasets and processes within the system and access detailed reporting under the same dashboard.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"[Skills Management] will reduce our administrative efforts to manage officer training and will increase our ability to effectively oversee a force focused on public safety. [The product] is a forward-thinking technology and provides a great advantage in the management of officer readiness...It is so much faster to document training."
-Lieutenant Travis Adams, Mason County Sheriff's Office

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