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Ensure Workforce Readiness with Optimized Personnel Management

Most law enforcement organizations, military units, and fire and emergency response departments still rely on paper-based processes and legacy systems to manage personnel training, track certifications and assess the overall readiness of their workforce. This leads to massive inefficiencies and significant legal liability.

Dude Solutions Advanced Skills Management Industrial (ASMi™) lets you automate, track and manage all of your workforce readiness processes from within a single web-based application that is hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. 

ASMi acts as your workforce readiness system of record — complete, reliable and efficient — so you can save time and money, remain confidently compliant and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.


  • Dramatically reduce time, cost and liability associated with managing and tracking personnel training
  • Quickly configure training paths, learning objectives and work schedules based on job requirements
  • Automate, track and manage all workflows within a single, authoritative source for training and qualification data


  • Generate a legally defensible watch bill that can be referenced over time and that confirms personnel that stood watch as qualified
  • Uncover weaknesses and drive specific, targeted training
  • Ensure mission-critical, task-ready units are always available, regardless of job complexity


  • Provide a web-based alternative to lengthy paper training jackets, multiple spreadsheets and manual processes
  • Make the best use of resources and budget and minimize risk by centralizing documentation in one location
  • Realize all of the benefits of a world-class AWS cloud environment, including time and cost savings, seamless upgrades, optimized performance, better security and more

Product Features

Manage Workforce Skills in One Easy-to-Use Place
  • Gain visibility into your organizational readiness, including the status of expiring or lapsing qualifications and required training segments.
  • Create and configure standard ad-hoc reports and drill into specific areas of interest. Schedule reports for auto-generation and delivery.
  • Automate workflows to provide timely routing and real-time notifications of lapsed watch stander’s qualifications and other action items.
  • Ensure only qualified individuals are assigned a post by automating watch bill creation and management.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Bringing more things together in one location is good in terms of saving time and money. ASMi provides an instant snapshot of where the department is.”
- Lieutenant Travis Adams, Mason County Sheriff’s Office, WA

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